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Top 10 Tools To Organize Your Kitchen

Are you ready to organize your kitchen, but aren’t really sure where to start?

Well, the best way is to start by gathering tools that will effectively help you get the job done. If you were going to build a house, you’d gather hammers, nails, and lumber right? Trying to organize your kitchen and build a system means you need tools!

And I’m going to show you my top 10 organization tools to declutter and even better- they are all under $20!


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Top 10 Tools to Organize Your Kitchen

How do I organize my kitchen?

Take everything out, put it on the floor, and then grab a huge latte…or glass of your favorite wine while you stress about how to get it back together.

Just kidding!

Lots of us have tried that method and gotten overwhelmed, so let’s not do that.

Instead, if you want to organize your kitchen you need to :

  1. Simplify

  2. Systemize

  3. Sustain

If you are looking for a little more hand-holding, I can show you how using the tools below and my  “Kitchen and Pantry Organization Kit.” It’s an affordable and effective way to get professional instruction to help you create (and maintain) an organized kitchen space, so you can save time, money, energy, and most importantly YOUR SANITY!

Tools to Organize Your Kitchen

I always say that a product will not make you organized unless you have a good system that the product is supporting. But, once you get your system in place, there are some of my favorite go-to’s that you can use in your kitchen/pantry and throughout the house….without breaking the bank!

Let’s get right to it. 

1-Pan rack


Vertical Pan Organization

Vertical Pan Organization


I love this rack for its tall dividers and sturdy base. 

This amazing rack can be used for many purposes to organize your kitchen – 

  • Avoid stacking your pans, and easily access what you need 

  • Keep your cookie pans upright

  • Prevent the serving platter pile up

Take things outside the office and turn this rack into a charging station for your large devices. 

Entertainment Platter Storage

Entertainment Platter Storage

Horizontal Pan Organization

Horizontal Pan Organization

Laptop charging station

Laptop charging station

Bakeware Organization

Bakeware Organization

Cutting board organization

Cutting board organization

2- Lid Organizer

lid organizer.JPG

Another great way to avoid the pile-up in your kitchen is a lid organizer. No more digging for lids or the loud clanking like cymbals.

It looks clean and makes everything easier to grab as you need it. Simple and easy fix!


3- Turntable  (aka Lazy Susan) 

unnamed (2).jpg

I love using this tool in a variety of sizes and spaces. They range from 9” (great for kitchen cabinets to store cooking oils) to 18” to keep yours under the sink and corner cabinets fully functional.

The pantry can be a beast of its own when it comes to organizing your kitchen. I even wrote an article about how to tackle the pantry with passion because I know how hard it can be to tackle this one particular project.

If you are going to use this handy turntable then try the 12” and 15’ to store your jars and bottles for pantry perfection! 

lazy susan

3- Drawer liner 


This little magic tool is one of my secret weapons! From kitchen drawers to bathroom vanities, this slick invention: 

-keeps things in place 

-reduces noise especially in drawers with glass bowls or pans

-protects dishes

-makes drawers easy to clean

4- Bamboo dividers 

bamboo dividers

These come in two different varieties:  shallow, and deep.

The bamboo has a really nice look to it that goes with almost any kitchen decor and it really helps to organize your kitchen by:

-maximizes space that is often wasted with small compartment dividers 

-Creates flexibility to fit all your items

-Versatility as your home and drawer contents change 

-Comes in a variety of depths and widths so make sure you get the one that best fits your space.

5- Can riser

can rise.JPG

This gadget is a great way to “up-level” your pantry game.

Placed at eye level you can keep tabs on which canned goods you have and avoid overbuying or the last minute run to the store. So this tool is less than $20 and will help you save money. That’s a win-win!

6- Labels


This one is a fun one in my opinion! You can effectively organize your kitchen with labels because they:

-makes it clear what goes where, so everyone can find it AND know where to put it away

-creates a finished look 

Variety of options to fit your desired look and functionality. You can print them on the computer, purchase premade ones, write them with a chalk pen or use a good ‘ole label maker. 

-To make things super simple, check out my label kit.

7– Spice drawer organizer 

spice drawer.jpg

Spices are the #1 place I see waste in kitchens. Let’s be honest, they are not cheap and we rarely use all that we buy….or if you are like most, you buy more cause you don’t know what you have. 

This is why I love to store spices in a drawer with an insert. Depending on the size and depth of your drawer, you could go with this or this

This type of system helps you:

-see what you have 

-avoid waste 

-easy to access and put away

9- Food storage 

Food is often wasted as we don’t know what we have. I love to take my food out of the original packaging to:

-keep things fresh such as baking ingredients

-allow you to quickly see how much you have (have you ever pulled out a cereal box only to find it is empty?) 

10 – Bins! 

Bins and baskets are great as they provide structure and a system to a space. They create a specific home for your items to make it clear where something belongs and where it can be found. The number one question I get is “what type of bin should I use?”   

There are so many bins to choose from which often leads to overwhelm for most. For help with choosing the right bin, grab my guide .

And here are some of my favorites:

Woven baskets keep a consistent and warm look in your space.

Opaque plastic bins provide a clean, affordable look and are easy to wipe out and keep things clean.

Clear bins allow you to see what you have so you can take a quick glance and make your shopping list.

Give these 10 items a try in your kitchen and let us know what you think! Have something else that works for you? Let us know in the comments.

For more kitchen organization tips follow me on @lifemadesimpleathome!

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