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3 Tips To Store Kitchen Appliances That Are Clunky

For all the cooks out there (or those whose partner loves to cook), you probably have noticed the vast world of kitchen appliances! There truly is a tool for just about anything you need to do in the kitchen…

Most of us are awed by the convenience that these tools offer and we happen to accumulate our own collection of kitchen appliances. No judgement here, I get it!

However, what happens when we go to store kitchen appliances and realize that many of them can be clunky and inconvenient to store?


Storing Clunky Kitchen Appliances.png


Where should kitchen appliances be stored?

I am a fan of clear countertops whenever possible!

Unfortunately, some appliances are clunky and heavy, which limits the storage options. 

before you decide where to store kitchen appliances, consider this:

1) frequency…

how often are you using this appliance? be realistic with yourself…is it daily/weekly? Or, is it only used once in awhile for a special occasion?

I recommend you start by identifying the items that are used most frequently. These are the items that will take priority when it comes time to choose spaces and create systems. 

once you have determined the frequency of use of each kitchen appliance, consider this:

2) Functionality…

what spaces can you store kitchen appliances in? of the priority items you have identified, which are the heavy/clunky items that will most likely be hardest to find storage space for?

No matter how much storage space we have in our kitchen, we are typically limited when it comes to the “prime real estate” spaces. 

The prime real estate in a kitchen is typically all the areas that are easy to reach – for easy grab and put away. Those easy to reach areas near the stove (the “cooking zone”) and the sink/dishwasher (the “cleaning zone”) are typically used for other priority items, rather than to store kitchen appliances. It is important to consider zones when organizing for a more efficient kitchen. The items chosen to live in each zone should best optimize the systems needed in those zones. 


Move-in After Cristin.JPG


How do you store kitchen appliances with limited space?

I recommend starting with your heavy kitchen appliances. I’m talking about the Kitchenaid mixer, the bread maker, and the crockpot type appliances…

which do you use most frequently?

This may be a good time to check-in with yourself. That bread maker that you got as a wedding gift 10 years ago and you’ve used once….

Ask yourself, “Does it earn a spot in my house at all?”

Probably not…Bye Felicia!

If you actually do use the bread machine each year during the holidays, it would categorize as a less frequently used appliance.

utilize harder to reach spaces

I like to store kitchen appliances that are seasonal, used for entertainment, or simply not used as often in those harder to reach spaces – higher up cabinets/shelves.


EckhardtPantry Appliances.jpeg


Consider other spaces

If you are limited on space, you may need to consider other storage options outside of the kitchen. Is there a spot in your basement or garage that could work to store the items you use once a year? That way your kitchen storage can be prioritized for the more frequently used items.

prioritize easy access spaces

If you are looking to store kitchen appliances that are heavy and clunky, yet used frequently, they need to have an easy to grab home in your kitchen. For safety reasons, you don’t want to be climbing a step ladder every week to grab your Kitchenaid mixer. Think, if it is a pain in the butt to access, it will just end up sitting on the counter anyways!

Small kitchen storage ideas sometimes just take a little creative thinking, so check this article out for more storage tips for your small kitchen!

How can i hide my appliances?


Pantry 6.jpg


I always try to store kitchen appliances in places that are hidden, and yet easy to access. This could be in a corner cabinet that has a turntable built in, in a cabinet that has pull-out drawers installed, or on a basic cabinet shelf. Based on the storage options in your kitchen, you may even want to store kitchen appliances in your pantry, behind closed doors.

While you may want to hide your appliances, if they are frequently used, they also have to be realistically easy to access…not in the back of a cabinet behind other things. 

In my kitchen, I store my toaster in an easy to reach drawer. I pull it out to use in the morning and find it simple and convenient to put it right back after using it. That way I don’t have to see it sitting out on my counter 24/7.

think about your morning routines

Do you have a smoothie or coffee every morning? Consider a “coffee station” or a “smoothie station,” where everything you need is conveniently located. 


Coffee Station.jpeg


Picture having your Vitamix and protein powder conveniently located in an easy to reach cabinet, near to an outlet. Finding easy storage solutions like this help to encourage those habits that you want to keep!

pick “pretty” appliances

When it comes to the Kitchenaid mixer, it can be hard to find a good storage spot…it really is heavy and quite large! However, if you buy one that you love to look at, consider if it could live on your counter. These actually can look really nice and work well with your kitchen aesthetics!


Kitchen Appliances Display.jpeg


So there you have it! When it comes time to store kitchen appliances, think about Frequency and Functionality. This will help you to choose the best space available to you in your kitchen and create a system that will encourage the habits that you want to keep – like having your morning smoothie!


If you’d like help making your pantry the space of your dreams, then grab my Pin-Worthy Pantry Kit for only $37! 



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