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Top 3 Benefits of a Simplified Wardrobe


Did you know that the average person only uses 20% of their belongings?! And a big part of this can be the clothes in your wardrobe.

That means 80% of the things you own are likely just sitting there taking up space and creating clutter in your home!

Clutter is stuff that does not add value

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Clutter can collect anywhere, even in your wardrobe!

I consider myself to have a simple wardrobe, yet I have noticed recently how much I do not wear in my closet… I keep saying – “I need to purge my closet!”

A simple wardrobe not only creates 80% more space in your closet, it also adds many other perks to your life!

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the top 3 benefits of a simplified wardrobe are: 

  1. Save your Brain

    Fewer pieces of clothing make it easier to pick what you are going to wear each day. Less clothing options equals less time spent thinking about your options! Just like Barack Obama, who wore the same thing almost everyday because he didn’t want to use brain energy picking out what to wear!


    Prevent the decision fatigue that most of us experience, even if we are not making decisions that are affecting the entire world (as the President) each day – ha!

  2. Avoid the massive clean pile

    I work with a lot of people who struggle to get their clean laundry put away. You go through all of the trouble to clean and fold your clothes and then they just sit on the dresser…

    I have a uniform – I wear similar items – black yoga pants, Life Made Simple logo shirts and some workout clothes. This makes folding and putting away my clean pile pretty easy. I find the simpler/less diverse the clothing options are, the easier it is for me to get them put away.

    Not to mention, if you pair down clothes into “categories,” or create your typical “uniform,” you should find that it helps you pair down your overall amount of clothing. Focus on finally getting rid of the “I might want” pile that you really never end up wearing!

    When you have less clothes, it creates more space for putting your clean laundry away! The simple physical barrier of not being able to fit the clean clothes into the overfull drawers or closet that they need to go into, can create a mental barrier to getting them put them away!

  3. spend far less

    When we take the time to declutter our wardrobe, we can see what we have and what we need. This helps to stop filling our closet with pieces we think we might like or need, just because they are on sale. Maybe you go to grab the “good deal” thinking that you can return it if you later decide you do not want it…but then you forget to return the item, or you end up spending more time and money to return it later!

    When you know what you need and the current space that you have in your wardrobe, you are more likely to say NO to the deal and spend less money on items that you don’t really need or like!

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School is starting soon, even though we do not know what the school year will look like, it always seems to be the time when we go through our kids (or our own) closets and this is a great time to look at your wardrobe and see if the 80/20 rule applies to you!

Is there an opportunity to simplify your wardrobe and laundry routine??

With the school year starting soon, that means papers coming back into your home. Are you also looking to get a jump on the paper piles around the house ?

Check out Papers Simplified!

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  1. When I was in middle & high school I wore a uniform to school everyday. Looking back I see how EASY it was to get dressed every day! I’m going to try to make an “adult” uniform and liberate some space in my closet this month! Thanks for the inspiration 😄


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