Sikora Solutions, professional organizers in Denver, offers in-home services for all your spaces whether you are relocating, renovating, or looking for a refresh. Once your spaces are working for you, maintain them with our platinum membership option!


Imagine your new home organized with systems in place right from the start. Offering support to organize and purge your belongings when moving out of your current home or moving into your dream home.


• Declutter & Donate Unwanted Items

• Pack Items that are moving to new home

• stage & display remaining items in desired areas


• strategize, protect, & direct the packing process

• source moving supplies

• remove unwanted items for donation


• select mover according to client preference

• coordinate entire process with moving company


• Oversee, Coordinate, & direct the unpacking process

• design, inventory & stock your new spaces

• setup systems & organize your new spaces


• setup systems, design & organize your new spaces

• source all organization products

• stock your new pantry & fridge


• Remove Boxes, additional donations, & unwanted items


We can help you plan to create a functional space and when your renovation project is complete, imagine everything put away...even better than before. Your space will not only look amazing, but will function beautifully. We can help your renovation process in Denver!


kitchens, pantries, closets, play spaces, offices, & more

A simplified home with organized systems leaves you feeling energized, present, and less stressed so you can spend your time doing more of what you enjoy.

Our strategy is unique at Sikora Solutions: going beyond simply purging your unwanted items and putting your remaining belongings in labeled bins. We create custom solutions in your home and life to make your days less chaotic and more calm. And, most importantly, you have a plan to maintain these systems even when life gets crazy! You will feel the benefits of a simplified life and home.


Even the best systems need a touch up from time to time. Click to learn more about our Platinum Membership option and keep your spaces in shape all year long!

Platinum Membership

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