by Stephanie Sikora

Stephanie Sikora's best-selling book, Simplified, A Real-Life Guide to Simplifying Your Spaces and Saving Your Sanity, presents a proven system to clear your space, clear your head, and spend more time enjoying life.

This book may just

save your marriage!

Like most moms, Stephanie Sikora felt like she was always just trying to keep up with the chaos of her home and life. Over time, the never-ending running in circles to manage the piles of kids’ shoes, toys, and clothes got to her—and her family.

When her daughter said, “Mommy, you never sit and play with me,” a light bulb came on. Stephanie was always so preoccupied picking up and doing what needed to be done each day, she never got around to really being present for the moments that mattered the most. Motivated by her toddler’s honesty, she immersed herself in creating a life that was simpler and didn’t leave her exhausted at the end of each day.

In Simplified, Stephanie shares how she turned chaos into calm, offering compassionate organizing solutions and systems for transforming your home, business, and life.

With a special foreward by Sheryl Gonzalez-Ziegler,

Psy.D, Author of Mommy Burnout

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Let's turn

chaos into calm

Stephanie shares her 15 years of experience and company’s trade secrets for the very first time, such as:

• How to decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away (without crying into a bottle of wine)

• How to simplify routines in your home and life, from getting everyone out the door to getting a decent meal on the table and everything in between (even if you claim to be the least organized person around)

• How to create super-simple systems to keep your home and life running smoothly (that even your spouse and kids can follow).

Simplified is available on Amazon in both paperback and digital editions. Grab your copy today!

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