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Simplify Your Space to Save Time

Time. It never feels like there is enough time throughout the day. There are only 24 hours in a day and let’s face it, eight of those hours we spent sleeping (or supposed to anyway). In fact, if that doesn’t say much about how limited time can be, get this… the average person spends 40 mins looking for a lost item. FORTY minutes! That’s almost an hour! 

I know we all could think of plenty of things we could do with this 40 minutes. Hello- sleep, actually sitting still for a moment, or even – gasp, do something fun for ourselves

In addition to the time we lose searching for lost items due to chaotic and cluttered environments, we also lose time simply by how our brain functions, or is triggered, when in that environment. We are less efficient with our time. We are less motivated to get things done. We are overwhelmed. 

I believe by simplifying our spaces and creating good systems to daily tasks to help manage we can make more of our time and be more efficient. These time gains can help us to be a little less frazzled and try to enjoy the special moments of our day. 

With as much as we all have to go on in our lives, and with as much as we all would love more time for the fun and important things, I am pretty confident we all would love a little more time in our day. 

What space in your home or life do you think is robbing you of this precious time? 

Want to learn more about how you can simplify your space and save time in your day?

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