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Behind The Scenes: Move-In Project

Imagine, moving day…

Did you just think – UGH?

You’ve spent days or months packing up your old home for the movers to arrive.

Then, the movers arrive at your new home and start putting boxes and furniture everywhere.

You look at the boxes with anxiety thinking… I didn’t think we had so much stuff! It is going to take me forever to unpack…

Your clean slate begins to feel like a nightmare. You are exhausted and don’t even know where to begin!


Move-in w:team Before.JPG

Now, imagine having a Move-in Manager & Professional Organizer with a team ready to help you get settled into your new home…

You are no longer alone with the daunting task of unpacking and figuring out how to set up your new space!




This week we had the pleasure of helping a family of five (with a new bundle of joy on the way) get moved into their new dream home in Boulder, CO!

This family had already been through the stress of working with construction hold-ups on their new home, so they were ready for help to get settled in without further delay.

We were excited to help in every way that we could!

Kitchen & Pantry Set Up

One of our favorite areas to help get set up right away when you move in is your kitchen and pantry.

We know that this is a heavy traffic area and after a long weekend move, the last thing you want to do Monday morning is walk into a chaotic kitchen and try to get ready for your day!

We start by unpacking all of the pantry items from your old house, and even encourage you to make a grocery run to grab any extra items that you typically use.

Tip: The best way to set up your pantry when you move in is to try your best to have a full stock of items that you use regularly. This enables you to set up systems in your new pantry space that can be sustainable, rather than having to re-set your system every time a new item is introduced.

Pantry BEFORE - a clean slate for us to set up organization systems!

Pantry BEFORE – a clean slate for us to set up organization systems!

Pantry AFTER

Pantry AFTER

Pantry AFTER

Pantry AFTER

Kid’s Spaces

Other areas that tend to be a priority on moving day are kids spaces. Littles can be overwhelmed moving into a new space, so it is always helpful to have their spaces ready to go ASAP.

Plus, if they are happy playing and exploring in their new spaces, the parents get more time to themselves to settle into their new home as well!

Kid’s Closet BEFORE

Kid’s Closet BEFORE

Kid’s Playroom BEFORE

Kid’s Playroom BEFORE

Kid’s Closet AFTER

Kid’s Closet AFTER

Kid’s Playroom AFTER

Kid’s Playroom AFTER

Typically on move-in day we are working all throughout the house, helping wherever we can to help you get settled in!

Our favorite part of the project is helping our clients with a smoother and less chaotic move, so that it isn’t the typical stressful process.

When we hear how grateful they are to be able to be settled in right away and for all of our help…it truly makes our day!

A HUGE Thank You to Kerry and Mike for allowing us to help the with their recent move!!

Little messages that we receive after move-in projects make our day!

Little messages that we receive after move-in projects make our day!

Do you want help with your upcoming move?

Allow the Life Made Simple team to come in during this overwhelming time and serve as project managers and organizers to make sure the process is as seamless as possible and the new house is ready to be enjoyed!

Our team helps you:

  1. Simplify, organize and pack your belongings as you move out

  2. Partner with movers to get the boxes to the right room as you move in

  3. Unpack all the boxes

  4. Sort and purge belongings 

  5. Create and implement systems for the space, ie. Closet, pantry, play space, etc.

  6. Source, shop and return organization supplies

  7. Breakdown and remove boxes and packing material

  8. Leave you with a finished and organized space that is ready to enjoy (no shoving stuff in closets just to get it out of sight and then cringe every time you open the door!)

👉 Book a call with Stephanie and schedule the Life Made Simple team for your upcoming move!


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