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Top 3 Benefits of Systematizing: Part 1


AFTER systematizing in our office & creating special bins for each of us.

AFTER systematizing in our office & creating special bins for each of us.


Creating a System is my favorite step in the whole Life Made Simple three‐step process:

  1. Simplify

  2. Systematize

  3. Sustain

This is where the real magic happens!

Remember my professional training and experience in healthcare creating systems for procedures that I mentioned in Preparing to Simplify: Part 1?

That’s exactly what you’re going to do in your home! Your systems will maximize efficiency, add value to your life by saving you time, money, and energy, and conserve your brain power for the important things.

Once you’ve simplified a space and pared down your items (step 1), it’s time to create a system (step 2)—which is really more a verb than a noun.

Systematizing is creating a process that makes the space more efficient, easier to use, and works with the flow of your home, rather than against it.
— Stephanie Sikora


A system can be as simple as how, where, or when you do a particular activity or place something.

Creating systems in a work environment is often easier than it is at home. People already put their best foot forward at work. At home, we tend to relax into our bad habits. We don’t have the motivation of formal evaluations with potential bonuses when we follow a system at home.

But as you’ll see, the rewards can be even more fulfilling!


3 benefits of systematizing:

  1. Save Money

When we have efficient systems in our homes and our lives, we save money in so many ways—

  • No more re‐purchasing items we can’t find

  • No more buying something we forgot we already had

  • No more paying fees for forgetting or misplacing a bill

  • Fewer frivolous purchases due to stress or boredom

2. Restore Order

I should mention that my own house isn’t immaculate by any means!

But having less stuff and knowing everything has a home means I can quickly restore order when things get nutty.

The very important result of creating a system and maintaining your sanity is that all the items you own need to have a home. Piles (and frustration) develop when we do not have proper homes for things.

I’m constantly looking at spaces in our home to figure out how we can create more effective systems. I love coming up with ideas for our garage, kitchen, or playroom, and my husband usually just bites his tongue. I’m so grateful I have hundreds of clients’ homes to have this kind of fun in. Otherwise, I might drive my husband crazy!


I even systematize our kitchen fridge…hoping that my girls and my husband will put things BACK in their “special home.”

I even systematize our kitchen fridge…hoping that my girls and my husband will put things BACK in their “special home.”

3. Move Forward

Systems also make us feel more in control of our space moving forward.

When we look deeper at our current lifestyle and habits (like where our things are naturally ending up) we are able to gain insight into how to create lasting systems in our home.

Organizing is NOT the only answer! If you do not create a system within your organization, you are much more likely to fall back into the chaos over time. Sometimes within days of having organized a space!

That is why creating systems can be so beneficial for your long-term sanity!

Stay tuned for next week as we dive deeper into systems!


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