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Creating Systems by Encouraging Mommy’s Little Helpers

It’s not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.
— Ann Landers




How do we simplify and create systems in our life?!

Cause all the “mom stuff” is still there… We still have to do the laundry, get and prepare food, clean and manage all of the logistics of a home and family! All of the things that we need to get done seems to be even more overwhelming when our home is in a state of clutter and chaos. So… how do we simplify and build better systems, where we are not consuming ourselves with all that we need to do and missing out on being present with our kiddos?

Is it possible to get the kids involved with calming the chaos in our homes, alongside us? Or, even create habits in organization to help on their own?


Here are some tips to help get your kids on board with the organization systems in your home when creating systems:


Kids playroom.JPG

  1. Have less stuff

    Try to purge and simplify first.

    It is simple math – if there are 50 toys, there will be 50 toys on the floor after my girls play in their playroom. If there’s 20, there’s only 20 on the floor…

    See where I am going with this?

    This also applies to clothes, dishes, kids’ papers, etc.

    Less stuff = Less stuff to put away!

2. Build a system that is easy

When I come home after my husband has been home with the kids all day (and it looks like a frat party happened at the house), I don’t get as stressed or as triggered as I used to. Everything we have pretty much has a “home” or specific spot it “lives,” which helps me to quickly restore the order that I need to feel sane!

Everything has a place, it makes sense…and it is EASY! The easier you make it, the greater the chance that your family will support the system that you create.

Systems are key! As I discuss in my book, Simplified. A Real-Life Guide to Organizing Your Space and Saving Your Sanity, it is easier to change a system than change a behavior!

Things to consider when creating systems for your kids:

  • Is the space where you’d like your kids to put their things easily accessible?

    • Height – Can they reach it?

    • Weight – Is the bin light enough for them to take out and put away? Picking the right bin can definitely help with this!

    • Barriers – What other obstacles might make the system more difficult for them that could be removed?

  • What do they do currently? Can you capitalize on that behavior to create a system that works in your favor?

    • Example: My kids always throw their shoes off right as they enter our front door after coming in from outside. I could not seem to break that habit, so I decided to place a bin in our entryway for them to throw their shoes in. This system may not be as pretty as I would like, but it works! Now I don’t have tripping hazards all throughout our entryway!

  • Does it make sense to them?

    • Explain to them the system you have created and what things should go where and why, instead of just saying “put your toys away.” Show them how easy it is!

    • If able, involve them in the system creating process. Ask them where they think that their things should go and why.

  • Picture Labeling

    • Would it be helpful to add a picture label as a reminder to what toys go in which bin?

3. Reinforce the behavior

Take the time to encourage your kiddos when they follow the system that you have created!

Also, reinforce what is in it for them! If they keep their playroom picked up, they have the floor room to cartwheel around (that’s what my girls always want to do – ha!).

They want us to be happy, so when they see that this new behavior causes mom to get excited and love on them, they want to do it again! It’s a win-win!


I have not cracked the code entirely… it is still a balance to do all that you need to do and be present.

Remember to be graceful with yourself and your family! This is not a “one size fits all” approach, as the systems you create have to fit for you and your home. Sometimes it takes trial and error to figure out what works best.

They key is that these systems should help to make your life easier and give you more time to create memories with your family!

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